Shinjuku, Tokyo - 2D Images

2D Images in a 3-panel, navigable format, created from QTVR panoramas.

    1. View from the East Exit of Shinjuku Station, looking over the station and towards Mount Fuji.
    2. West Exit of Shinjuku Station looking at Odakyu and Keio Department stores.
    3. View from South Exit of Shinjuku Station.
    4. Keio Plaza Hotel at Shinjuku Station, Kogakuin University.
    5. Shinjuku Chuo Park. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices and Webscapes Tokyo Office.
    6. Park Hyatt Hotel at Shinjuku Chuo Park. Washington Hotel. Koshu Kaido Avenue.

NOTE: These images link to full-size versions, which are between 15k-50k.

Tokyo City Hall (2) | Park Hyatt | Hilton

Shinjuku West Side | Tokyo City Hall | Shinjuku Station | Keio Plaza Hotel

N.S. Building | Shinjuku | Shinjuku Station South | Shinjuku West

Shinjuku Skyline | Shinjuku Gyoen | KDD | Odakyu Department Store

Shinjuku | Yodobashi Camera | Keio Plaza Hotel | Tokyo City Hall

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