Why 3D?
You are currently utilizing one of your most important sensory inputs to read this. Homo Computous (a person using their computer) is a 3D creature. The universe as we perceive it is a 3-Dimensional place [approximately anyway, this can vary depending on your Mandelbrot and Quantum Physics I.Q. :) ]. Our depth perception is a powerful and necessary force in our lives, and until now, has not made the transition to the online world... The new Internet content Webscape builds has this 3rd dimension, and it allows a rich new experience for users, and an immense increase in the possibilities for content creators.

The limitations of text and graphic based information systems are well known. Evolution has molded us (humanoid-types and others) to organize and find information most effectively in a three-dimensional system, while technology has not yet been able to support this intrinsic trait. The quantum leap in the usefulness of knowledge systems that simple hypermedia has enabled will be eclipsed by immersive 3D hypermedia environments. Many forms of online commerce, communication, and entertainment will greatly benefit.

The Next Generation Internet will be a much different place. 3D Web Communities will provide users with important and recognizable points of reference, allowing easier navigation of the seemingly endless information on the Internet. The use of 3D Web sites is the next step in the organization and searching of information. Just as hyperlinks enabled a sense of freedom to present and traverse information spaces in text, on a worldwide network, our models will eventually enable a much more natural 3D presentation and navigational metaphor, by relating real, physical world geography to the vast information resources of the Net.

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 Why 3D?