BIT Kitchen

lThe BIT Kitchen system is an advanced GDL object that was created by Webscape to describe an entire catalog of kitchen system objects with one GDL file as the central control point. It is capable of intelligently analyzing users' choices and cross checking to assemble the proper components that match the manufacturers specific requirements.

This GDL object desribes 120,000,000 variations of the kitchen and is 400K in file size not including the textures.

This system is much different that a generic GDL object that can create any type of kitchen system in that it limits the choices to the actual specifications of a particular manufacturer. The goal of the design of this system was to make it as easy as possible for the designer to specify a particular kitchen cabinet without the need to research the catalog.

The analysis of the existing printed catalogs and the design of the system was a very important step in the process of the design of this system to ensure accuracy and scalability.

Webscape conceives and creates high-end GDL systems for manufacturers in the Webscape GDL Studio.


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