Project Name: 092 "EccoHouse"


Project Description


Square Footage
7000sq.ft. of interior living space
Single-Family Residence in Hyde-Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL
Budget / Construction Cost
Undetermined as project is theoretical
Unusual Characteristics
A theoretical endeavor located on the site of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House to test the potential of an energy-conscious design, utilizing the south and east exposures of the lot in the context of the openness of the neighborhood.
Special Challenges
Effective and efficient utilization of passive and active systems
The resultant architectural solution includes such elements as glazing walls which are angled to reflect solar radiation during summer months and direct it towards interior mass walls during the winter months, structural steel is used to reduce the overall volume of building materials required, a prominent roof pond system with motorized shutters to assist in meeting the heating and cooling loads of the residence, two groupings of water filled transparent tubes in the southern rooms which act as thermal mass elements, and a roof garden which is located off of the bedroom.