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This site is dedicated to the advancement of the AEC industry.

History of This Web Site

Who We Are   "Webscape.com"

The American Institute of Architects, Pasadena and Foothill Chapter in Southern California, approached Webscape to create a web site for their 2002 Awards. In past awards events, applicants would submit their projects in slide trays. These slide trays would be assembled and organized for judging. This involved a tedious process of shuffling and organizing these trays of slides, which would be used only for the event and then forgotten. The members of the AIA PF would only get exposure of their projects through the awards event and some travelling exhibitions.

For this years event Webscape agreed to create this web site and suggested the following two enhancements to the awards:

  1. Add a new category for "digital architecture" to highlight the new tools and processes that are available for our profession.
  2. Open up the Digital category to architects and students from outside the chapter area.
  3. Open up the student category to architecture schools worldwide.
  4. Add a three dimensional virtual gallery to house the awards entries. The 3D Gallery would be a replica of the actual venue at the Junior Achievement Center.

The result of this effort is this web site.

We have a total of 106 projects.

This is an exciting time in our industry and we feel it is important to be aware of the changes that are taking place and to expose architects to what these changes are.

This web site and process of submitting projects in a digital format that can be presented on the web is a learning process in itself. We hope this will spur a dialogue between all those involved.

Change is always a bit unsettling and as architects we tend to be a bit averse to change. The reality is that the industry is changing and unless we acknowledge this change and fully grasp the implications of it, we will not be able to move forward as architects.

Webscape is a technology company with deep roots in architecture. We characterize ourselves as "The New AEC Professionals".

Architects are by definition "master builders." We gather and organize accurate information to be able to successfully build our projects.


  • Creates virtual 3D Environments linked to databases
  • Develops custom applications for use by architects, builders, and developers
  • Develops websites for projects and companies
  • Consults on technology strategies
  • Creates intelligent objects for the building industry
What we can do for you:

Create virtual buildings of architectural projects

Real time support of the design process

Working from 2D schematic design and design development drawings, we can build and maintain all the information relating to your buidling project in a 3D database accessible on the Internet. This data can be used as an internal quality control tool or be made accessible to clients.

Samples of this can be seen here:

Corsini Elementary School
Junior Achievement Center
Virtual Office System
Webscape BIT
Plaza Mexico